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A day to relax

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

(11th September) 

I awoke about 7am, which was a nice sleep in.  I didnt wake up as many times through the night either, which was a good thing.

The wind has picked up and its still overcast, a bit of a shame, but what can you do.  The wind has been persistent since we arrived.

A few of of met for breakfast at 9 and had a catchup and went our own ways.  Amanda, Cliff, Grat, Ruth and Steve went to check out the elephant trek.  Angela was going to hang around and have a massage and Bevan and I went for a walk.

We went along the beach where the FMP is to be held (Sunrise beach) and checked out all the ‘bucket’ stands….the stands have some very amusing names to say the least.

We had a nosey around a few shops and came across Jeremy comming out of the bike hire place.  He wasnt very happy, they were trying to charge him 8500TB ($320) because the front bar on the bike had been scratched ad slightly bent where Matt had reversed into him (at speed).  Luckily it was negotiated down to 500TB which was paid so Jeremy could get his passport back.  He was a little stressed.

Bevan and I went back to HQ where we met Steve, who gave me my passport back as I had lent him my quad and he returned it.

We all congregated for a bit and eventually the entire group turned up.  We decided to all head to a place called Magic Mountain, which was at the far end of Sunrise beach.  It was up the cliff that overlooked the beach.  It contained a lot of old very cheep bungalos and a few home made looking bars that were ‘quaint’.  This place looked like an amusement park at night when lit up.  We stopped at one of the bars for a drink and headed back to the beach.

We found a resort called the Sunrise Resort which had a very cool swimming pool which happened to also have a bar right next to it…I think a pattern is forming.  We decided to stop in for the afternoon which cost us 100TB to use the pool since we were not staying there.  The nice thing about being a big group is that your welcomed everywhere.

We swam, listened to music and chilled for the afternoon, it was bliss.

I was dumb enough to do a backflip in the water and came up without my glasses.   As it turns out, glasses are quite hard to find underwater when you cant see because you havent got your glasses on.

We had 5 of us looking for them and thankfully Emma found them and to my relielf, I could see again.

So after about 4 hrs poolside, we moved to the front of the resort on the beach.  They had just set up mats, with tables and ‘futons’ with head rests.  It was very very cool, you could just lie down, have a drink, listen to the music and relax.

We all hung around till about 8ish then headed back to camp.  The smell of kerosene form the lamps was a little overpowering.  We went back to Grant and Ruths place for a bit and I retired about 9:30.

This was a great way to spend Grant and Ruths last day with us.

CraigieeA signing off  nanoo….nanoo