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Its almost Hump day

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Well, its Tuesday night and it looks like there is a bit of unrest in Bangkok.  They have decalred a state of emergency because a few people are protesting (a bit more serious that that I’m sure)!, god damn….the holiday gods are trying to keep me at work. arrrrrggghhh.

I called a travel agent to find out whats going on, and the ‘we will be in touch in the next 20 minutes’ has now turned into 3 hours….I should probably stop holding my breath now, I’m turning blue!

So, I’m kinda organised, not quite packed yet, but all my gear is about to be washed and…oh crap…I forgot, I still havent finalized my transfers for Bangkok…best I do that tonight, otherwise I might be walking to the hotel.

My babiesI have my most awesomest ex flatmate looking after my babies while I’m away, Mischeif and Trouble will be well looked after….as long as I remember something expensive (spency) and shiney.  I’m sure they will miss me, I hope they will miss me.  Thank you Suz!!!!

Right, time for me to sign off and get ready for a tough night on the couch!.

Craigiee A signing off…nanooo nanoooo