The real holiday begins (part 2)

(8th September)

The flight to Kph Samui is about an hr.  We landed at a very beautiful looking airport with pristine gardens and buildings with hatched roofs, it was pretty cool.

We organised a shuttle into town and the boat trip to the island where we would be staying, all up it cost us 300TB ($15 NZD) for both.

We arrived at the dock about 4:30pm and the ferry wasnt leaving till 6:30…so we did what we had been doing most of the trip so far.  We sat, we chatted and we drunk more beer.

Finally the ferry turns up to pick us up and everyone boards.  There was a pretty dark looking cloud on the horizon that seamed to get bigger and bigger, looks like rain.

We head off and we are all sitting on the top deck, which is partially covered, we are all sitting with our luggage.

All of a sudden. the rain hids hard and fast and we all get drenched while the boat starts rocking from side to side.  We all grab our suitcases and manage to get them downstairs with out too much drama.

in the meantime, my tooth is killing me, it hurt like a ….[please insert word(s) here]. 

So we finally arrived at the island about about an hours of being rocked and soaked.  We are picked up by the resport shuttle and taken to our slice of paradise.  We all take a chance and freshen up before meeting for more drinks and dinner.

I got to meet some more of the extended family, Jeremy and Nicky, Ruth and Grant (who we had breifly caught up with in Bangkok).  After a nice dinner and some cocktails, I called it a nigth at 10:30pm (3:00am NZ) fighting to keep my eyes open.

I add this last entry before I hop into bed.

 CraigieeA signing off nanoo…nanoo

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