The real holiday begins (Part 1)

(8th September) 

God damn, its 6am and I cant sleep anymore, even after a late night.  I have a dull ache in my mouth which I find is due to a chipped tooth and exposed nerves…Not a good start to the next leg of our adventure.

So today, we all head to Koh Samui via plane then catch a ferry to the island we are staying on and meet up with the next group of people we will be partying with…another 9 people.

This will ROCK!!!

A few of us met for breakfast and planned our activities before we get picked up at 12pm.

Kate, Matt, Dave and I caught a taxi to the Imperial Palace and had a good look around with the aid of a guide who also wanted to extort us, but we got her down to 500TB for the group.

The tour lasted about an hour and I took lots of pics.  It is certainly an amazing place  and the detail and intricacy of the work is astonishing.
All templed out, we returned and did our own thing for a bit, so I was on a mission to find an internet cafe so I could start publishing more stories.

We were all picked up at 12 and taken to the airport, where we checked in and I got to meet another new member of the team ‘Steve’ who had just flown in from NZ a couple of hrs before.

We all hopped on to a very colorful prop plane and headed to Koph Samui…I slept.

The n ext leg of our journey begins..

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