(9th September)

My moutgh feels like it has a drill in it.  It was killing me on the boat trip over but thankfully a couple of nurofen helped out for a couple of hours.

I was awoken by the pain at midnight and could not get back to sleep.

I’m a little concerned at how much this is hurting, I usually have quite a high pain threshhold.  I called the travel insurance place, the $5.50  minute seamed insignificant to this stage.

They were very helpful, but because it has to do with a filling in a tooth that is weaker than the rest, I may noy be covered.

I will have to go and see a dentist tomorrow and get it looked at.  8 more days of this would drive me insane!

I guess on the posotive side, its confronting one of my worst fears, being in a foreign country with an illness.

So tomorrow, Craigiees big adventure to the dentist…

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