The day of stuff (afternoon/evening)

7th September

So, we are on our longboat for a 1 1/2 hr cruising of the canals, I’m sure its just like venice, but different.  There is a very stark contrast between rich and poor along the banks of the dirty river.  The trip was very cool and we saw some sort of water lizard and lots of huge fish, which I dont think I would really want to eat considering where they are comming from.

After the boat trip we caught a taxi to MBK which is a HUGE mall for some shopping!!!!

The afternoon was a bit of a blur, actually so is the evening and early hours of the following morning, we did so much.

We all came back and had some time to ourselves for a couple of hours.  Some slept, some shopped, I shopped.

I banged in to Sema again, I’m not sure if she was happy to see me again because she was being friendly, or just being friendly because she saw it as another to hussle some TB (Thai Bhat) from me.  I think it may of been both.

After some more shopping, we all went to dinner at a nice place of Koh San Rd (the road we are staying on), which I cant fir the life of me remember the name, it was something like sum yun gai, or maybe it wasn’t.

Dinner was great, I had duck with orange sauce and a few beers and a few Kamakazie drinks, which is a very cool blue cocktail served by the jug, which is a bout $12 NZD.  It is fair to say that we drunk a few of these.

So after dinner, Matt and Kate went their own way as it was their 1 year anniversary (HAPPY ANIVERSARY) which was very cool.  They went back to their room, not sure why!!

Angela and Matt also went their own way, which left the 3 single (Dave, Bevan and I) to find something to do..

We went to Patpong Road (which is another famous area in Bangkok) for some more shopping and a show, which was expensively interesting to say the least!.

We got back to the base camp about 11pm (4aM nz) and had another look around, as the markets close at midnight.

Dave left for bed first, and Bevan not long after.  I was still wide awake, so kept walking and stopped and had a beer in one of the bars down the road which was open 24 hours.  I met some very cool people and finally headed to bed about 3am (8am NZ).  I think I may be a little sleep tomorrow.

We are off to the island tomorrow….YAY!!!!!

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