The final word

WOW, this has certianly been a trip to remember, if I were to quickly summarise the highlights, these would be :

  • Koh San Rd in Bangkok, amazing place
  • Sema, her cocky attitute would win anyone over
  • Being hussled by an old lady for really expensive pop corn
  • The Sarikatang resort, was beautify, the staff were awesome
  • Crusing around the island on quads and mopeds
  • The massages at the resort
  • The cost of food and booze
  • Seeing a real Muay Thai fight
  • Buckets!
  • The Full Moon Party
  • Seeing the sunrise twice
  • Having some cool stories to tell, that didnt quite make the blog.

And last but not least…..Meeting some fantastic new friends who accepted me into their group, this made the trip!…

Dave, Bevan, Steve, Matt & Angela, Matt & Kate, Stephan & Emma, Cliff & Amanda, Jeremy & Nicky, Grant & Ruth.

thanks guys, you all ROCK!!!!

Well, its good night from me, and good night from him!

CraigieeA signing off, mission complete.

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