It just gets better (morning)

(12th September)

I woke up just before 6am (everyones body clocksames t be doing the same), so instead of dozing, I got up and went down to Sunrise beach. 

OMFG…….there is a party still going on, there are 2 bars still open on the beach with huge ass stereo systems cranked to the max pumping out dance music.

There would of been a few of hundred people in various stages of intoxication still dancing and a few people just sitting on the beach watchg the sunrise.

Paradise just got better!.

I sat on the beach taking it all in and chatted to a few people and headed home just after 7am.

All this before breakfast!…I am so going to the beach party tonight….my mission…to see the sunrise.

12 Responses to “It just gets better (morning)”

  1. Jane says:

    anyone else notice as the partying gets heavier our updates are getting sparse?


    craig have you stuck your head in a bucket and stayed there?


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  3. Barik says:

    what was that ?

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