The day unfolds (morning/afternoon)

(9th September)

After my walk and getting a chance to update the last couple of days activities on teh blog, I caught up with Angela, Matt, Nicky , Jeremy and Bevan for breakfast.

Angela was quite excited because she had accepted a new role that had been waiting in the wings due to a restructure, so Matt and Angela had been celebrating with a couple of cocktails.

With breakfast out of the way, we decided the best plan for the day was to hire some motor bikes and ruise the island. 

We walked down to Han Rinn (5 mins) and had a look around.  Its a very cosey place, very narrow streets with lots of pot holes, very quiant.

There are hireage places littered around everywhere, so we chose one and hired 5 quad bikes and 2 scooters.

So, the wild hogs we have for the trip are : Me, Bevan, Steve, Jeremy & Nicky, Matt & Angela, Grant & Ruth, Sephan & Emma (who had just turned up today) .  There was a bit of ‘to-ing and fro-ing’ picking people up to take them to the bike shop to to get them sorted etc before we were finally ready to leave.

We headed out and drove for about an hour and a bit to almost the top of the island, all in convoy.

We found a great place on the beach for lunch.  After lunch, all the boys decided to take advantage of the pool that was part of the establishment (not sure if we were allowed to, but no one said anything).

After lunch, we all jumped back on our ‘hardleys’, Matts term for wannabe Harley, and the adventure continued.

We headed back home, via the center of the island which was also a very plesant trip, narrow roads, lots of pot holes and trucks to avoid.

We returned back and found Cliff and Amanda had arrived, the final peice of the puzzle was not in place, the group is complete…we have :
Me, Dave, Bevan, Steve. Matt & Angela, Matt & Kate, Jeremy & Nicky, Stehan & Emma, Cliff and Amanda, Grant & Ruth.

The group has a fantastic dynamic and its a pleasure to be part of it.

CraigieeA signing off  nanooo….nanooo

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