One night in Bangkok

(6th September)

OMFG….this place is amazing!!!!

So, here we are all sitting in an outdoor bar just down the road from the hotel.  We were just going to pop in for a quick bite before having a look around.  We left 7 houts later, all trollied loking for somewhere else for dinner (2am NZ time)

This is why we were at the bar for so long :

-I picked up the first tab for 12 large Toger beers (660mls) and meals for 7 of us, it was 2400 TB (Thai Bhat), about $90 NZ.
Subsequent rounds were even cheeper but also consisted of more Tiger beer, double vodka and red buuls and long island ice teas and a ‘tower’ of Singa beer.

-Street hawkers comming to the table every 5 minutes trying to sell you something.

-Limbless beggers comming to your table asking for money

-and my personal favourite, Sema.  Sema is a 9 year old girl  who sells roses, I brought 3 roses for 60TB for the girls at the table and she wanted to thumb wresstle me for another 100TB.  She kicked my ass!!!
She captivated the table for about an hour with magic tricks, card tricks and a very cheeky sense of humor.  This little girls knows how to husstle!.  She will be a hell of a sales women when she grows up.

So, after having, which I thought were just red bulls, I was feeling a little curious as to why I was feeling more drunk….It took me about 4 to realise that it wa double vodka and red bull…then I had to drink some more. just to make sure.

Anyway, we finally staggered out of ther bar and found a place for dinner just around the corner…WOWm it was nothing short of stunning.  It was an outdoor place with indoor rooms with couches and pretty lights on the trees.  It would of easily passed as a 5 star place in NZ except the waiteresses in Auckland dont wear short shirts and knee high boots.

We had dinner, and went back to the hotel (3am NZ time), I had a ouple more drinks with Dave and Bevan abnd hit the sack about 4am NZ time…..

So, that was was last night….

7 Responses to “One night in Bangkok”

  1. Heidi says:

    it seems the more you drink, the worse your spelling….haha

  2. Jane says:

    Ha ha,

    how was the head the next morning hmmm?

  3. Jess says:

    Sure seems like you’re enjoying your time :-) Great stuff Craig…good to know things are dirt cheap…hahah.

  4. Dave says:

    I’m sure that I told you that they were vodka redbulls…

  5. Best essays says:

    Bangkok is absolutely massive, so it’s best to narrow your night out down to one area. Otherwise you’ll spend half of it riding on trains or arguing with taxi drivers.

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