The time has arrived

Well, its 1:30am and we are all at the airport waiting for the departure gate to open so we can go through customs, all a little tired but still quite excited.

Let me take you through my day so far….

A pretty ‘busy’ day at work, well actually, not really, I think the excitement overrode my productivity. But Luckily I had finished my documentation and handed everything over that needed to be done.  I can finish with a clear concience.

Once the 4pm whistle went, it was time for beer, a nice cool Corona…a quick catchup and farewell with the guys from work.   About 4:45pm, I had to duck across to the other Gen-i tower for some drinks with the netball crew….some more Corona, some snacks and a lot of laughs.  It was hard to force myself away!

I got home about 6:30 to some hungry meowing puddy tats, got them sorted, finished my packing, finished some tidying, checked my email, introduced myself to my new neighbour (and asked them to grab my mail) then into town to park my car.

I met up with the rest of the group, most of them I have met for the first time…we have..Dave, Matt, Kate, Bevan, Matt and Angela.  We went to Mai Thai for dinner at 9pm.  Not that we will be having a shortage of Thai food over the comming days!.  We finished up at 11pm, picked up by a shuttle at 12pm and were all checked in by 1am.

Everything at the airport is closed, except McD’s and a cafe…sux!…cant even have another beer before we go.

So, thats it for now…we jump on a plane for the next 15 hrs…sleeping most of the way hopefully!

 I’ll be back!….

CraigieeA signing off…nanooo nanooo

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