Tour guide day

(13th September)

I managed to get about 3 hours sleep and caught up with the guys in the resturant.

Dave was a no show and he didnt come home last night either, everyone was getting a little concerned…he finally turns up late in the afternoon looking a little worse for wear….he retires to his room for some much needed sleep.

*Back story :
In Bangkok, I met Aileen at a 24hr bar one night when I couldnt sleep, she was travelling around Thailand.  I told her about the Full Moon Party, which she hadnt heard of before.  I told her she should come on over if she is around that way.

So, Aileen arrived about 2:30, which was cool, so I was the hounorary tour guide for a while.

The group caught up for dinner at the resturant and after dinner a few of us : Matt, Angela, Jeremy, Nicky, Stephan, Emma, Bevan, Aileen and I went to a Muay Thai tournament.  This was awesome, I had always wanted to see a real Thai fight in Thailand…its like a dream come true!

They started with 6 year old boys who were incredible, they certianly start them young, but I guess Muay Thai to them is like Rugby to us.

They also had 6 year old girls fight, which apparently was the firt time this had occured, I didnt really like this, but luckily it was stopped pretty early on.

The main fights were very cool, the guys were impressive with their kicks, knees and elbows.  I didnt see any jumping knees, but was pretty happy none the less.

We left about 12:30 and a few of us went down to the beach and checked it out.  There are even more people around, there are huge spot lights set up….this is UNBELIEVABLE.

I forced myself home at 2am.

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