Homeward Bound

(16th September)

We all had a wake up call at 5:15am, we were being picked up by the shuttle at 6am.

A large 11 seater van turned up to pick up the group that were leaving, Matt and Angela were staying a couple more days.

It was a cozy squeeze with 11 passengers, let alone the tiny amountof luggage space that was available for all our bags.  The back of the van looked like a game of Tetris!.

We all got to the ferry terminal in Tongsala and amidst confusion wit the non english speaking driver, we had to walk our bags cross country to another peir to catch the ferry.

We are now ready for our 20hr trip home….Koh Phangan->Koh Samui->Bangkok->Brunei->Auckland.

A looooooong day, we arrive at 8:30am on the 17th September.

The trip is complete!

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