The big day (FULL MOON PARTY)

(14th September)

I awoke to find a huge lizard dead on my bathroom floor, it would of been about a foot and a half long…it had beautiful colors.  Not sure why it died, and I’m pretty sure it was dead because when I picked it up by its tail and dropped it off my deck, it didnt move….unless it played dead really really well.

A few of us hired some mopeds and headed about an hour up the island to another paradise spot to try some snorkelling.  The trip up was pretty cool, it was hot, the sun was shining and we were thrashing mopeds..

I dont rememeber the place where we stopped, but it was idylic and had a huge sand bar to another island, which was stunning.  We snorkelled and swam for a bit then came home.

We headed into town to get some fluro paints, as its tradition to cover oneself in fluto designs for the party.

I was feeling a little tired, so had a red bull or two to help revive myself, which seamed to do the trick.

We all met for dinner at 7:30 at the resturant, which was a compulsory buffet dinner, which is a great money maker for the hotel as its an extra 500 TB ($20) per person.


Once dinner was over, everyone started applying the fluro war paint to the dismay of the other diners.

We would certainly not get lost under UV lamps.  We headed to the beach about 9:30 and to my surprise it was already in full swing.  I thought last night was good…WOW, the beach was littered with people dancing to the many different sound stages ( I would guess about 10 different areas along the beach).  We each started with a bucket, which I took ages to drink as it was a looong night ahead.  We found a good sound stage and stopped and had a boogie…I danced so hard I think I may of turned the sand in to glass.

Everyone was having a blast, the beach was absolutely packed, it was insane.

The night wore on into the early morning where most of the team were still intact except Nicky who retured early.

After my prolonged first bucket, I stuck to water, I was way to busy getting my groove on and needed to keep hydrated.

They had heaps of fire twirling displays as well as a massive ‘Welcome to Thailand’  sign on the beach that was lit up in flames.

As the night wore on, there were more and more bodies asleep/comatose along the beach, you had to keep stepping over them.  There would of been hundreds of them.  I’m not sure how many people there would of been on the beach, I guess close to 10,000, I didnt get a chance to count them all.

One disturbing thing I did see was a thai man trying to pick pocket a sleeping man, but luckily he woke up.  I also saw a gang of 4 thai men pick pocket another drunk guy.  This was a little daunting and certianly reinforced the fact that you need to keep your wits about you.

I lost the group about 4am, but banged into some english girls that we met that day at the resort hanging at the pool.  I hung with them for the rest of the night, dancing and chatting, and we all saw the sun rise and I walked them home about 7am.

Its now time to get some sleep!.

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